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    1918 marked the first year for the Orange and Black tennis team. Through the courtesy of the Mahoning Tennis Association, Rayen used their courts located on the corner of Fairgreen and Fifth Avenue. On their first ever match with Mr. Tear, they headed west for the little town of Oberlin, a four hour trip.   Oberlin, through a misunderstanding, had sent her team toward Youngstown. Two of the teams' players, Bently and Ruhlman in Bentley's car left for Cleveland to reach them before they left on the train for Youngstown. They succeeded and Rayen won the match 5-1 for their first effort in tennis. Bentley not only drove his machine three hundred miles but won in both singles and doubles.                                                 Rayen wins State Meet  1927
    Captain Dennison and Willard James again brought honor and glory to themselves and Rayen.   Without a doubt, Rayen holds one of the greatest records ever held by a school. 
In 108 games played on the first day of the tournament Rayen won 96.
   Captain Dennison and James had some difficulty in defeating the doubles team from Alliance in the doubles championship match. But in the Singles, James and Dennison easily won over all their opponents. In the end,
the two Rayen Stars played each other for the title. Dennison won.
   This was the second time in the history of the Ohio State meet that one school had two representatives play
for the singles championship. Both Dennison and James received four trophies for their wonderful

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