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    The first track competition at Rayen took the form of inter-class meets, both indoor and outdoor. Rayen's first physical director and track coach, was Irwin Smith, and due largely to his efforts a team which was to compete with other schools was formed.
    Rayen met South in track for the first time in 1912 and emerged with a decisive victory. The next year the names of "Monk" Morgan and Aschel Dillon were prominent as the sport gained interest with the students. In 1917 Rayen track fielded the first triumvirate composed of Reid, Hogan, and Pabst. Their performance placed the team third in the state meet in Columbus. This is the year when Oliver Ellis took over as Coach.
    During the seasons of 1921, 22, and 23 Rayen had Ray Baldwin, a record-breaking miler. In 1925 the current oval cinder track was dedicated. In 1927 there was James Herald in the quarter mile, in 1931 it was Al Wardlow in the jumping pit and Handel with the pole vault record. The 1934 team won six dual meets placed second in the N.E.O. meet. In 1937  Joe Newman beat the Rayen, Tri-City, and N.E.O high hurdle Records. In 1938 and 39 there was George Glaros, Fred Ingram, Ken Wilson, Hulme, Gomez, and Nicholson. John Russ took over coaching in 1940.

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