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The Stadium 

B a s k e t b a l l   

   Basketball was an intramural sport at Rayen for many and did not become a regular sport until 1908 when Hugh Smith became coach. The stars in this ball club were McKay, Keast, Maclean, Bennet, and Baker who accomplished the feat of defeating Achtabula 64--10. Previous to this time a team composed of such known men as Resch, Soller, and Ashbaugh defeated the Intermedistes 36-6. Phil Edward succeeded Smith in 1914 and coached until 1916.
   Louis Pickrel, the third coach, produced such stars as McPhee and Meyer in 1917-18. Elgie Tobin, Horace Biggs prededent, cosched a team which beat Canton McKinley 30-12 and Elyria 57-8.
   From 1920-25 Horace Gaskeen was the coach. One of his teams, the one on1923, reached the finals in the N.E.O. Tournament. Alex Sabastain, was the cagey star of this outfit. Rowland Bevan followed next and served until 1929. He coached  the city championship team that Rayen had in 1928.
   Harold Lansing coached from 1930-37. In 1934 he produced a whirlwind ball club, paced by Dom Rosselli, Hank Cantwell, Chuck Wheaton, Steve Donchess and Steve James, who, although unsuccessful in the City Series, went to Columbus to participate in the State Tournament. 
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