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The Stadium 

F o o t b a l l   

   Football was started at Rayen in 1894. At this time there were no other teams in Youngstown and so they played only out-of-town teams. They played most of their games at the old West Side Park. They did most of their practices in vacant lots. They were lucky to have eleven men out for the team as it was not yet popular.
   The first team consisted of L. B. McKelvey, Lloyd Schuman, Walter McGowan, Hyre, Billy Davis, Fred Reel, Fred Kanengeiser, Rogers, Dolph Welsh, Lawrence McGowan, and Allen Campbell. McKelvey was the first fullback. Rayen's real football feud began in 1911 where they scheduled South High's first football team for a game on Thanksgiving Day; Rayen lost the game 12-0. South High opened in 1911 and took all students South of the Mahoning River which so happened to be where all the good football players lived.
   Soon this game became the outstanding game of each year. (See Rayen vs South, 1911-1960). Rayen's team was coached by members of the faculty until 1908 when the first formal coach was hired. His name was Hugh Smith and he coached until 1914. 
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